Monday, May 19, 2014

Summertime and Table: Warriors I

Posting will be light throughout the summer. I've decided that last year is probably approximately accurate as to how this summer is going to go - I've got a lot to do, and a lot of daylight to do it in, which means not so much time inside by the computer. The inside time I do have I'm going to spend on finishing material for Secrets rather than try and split time between that and writing new blog material.

I'll still post stuff on here, but I'm not going to try and match the wintertime pace.

In the meantime, have more warriors of Arthur's Court

Warriors I
1. Moren Mynawc himself
2. Dalldav the son of Kimin Côv
3. The son of Alun Dyved
4. The son of Saidi
5. The son of Gwryon
6. Uchtryd Ardywad Kad
7. Kynwas Curvagyl
8. Gwrhyr Gwarthegvras
9. Isperyr Ewingath
10. Gallcoyt Govynynat
11. Duach
12. Grathach
13. Nerthach
14. The sons of Gwawrddur Kyrvach (these men came forth from the confines of hell)
15. Kilydd Canhastyr
16. Canastyr Kanllaw
17. Cors Cant-Ewin
18. Esgeir Gulhwch Govynkawn
19. Drustwrn Hayarn
20. Roll twice

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