Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spells: Psychic Mist, Signet of Frost, Unseen, Evanescent Woe

It's hard to come up with a spell to replace invisibility that isn't just "invisibility with a different name".

Psychic Mist 
Level: 1
Range: 10’ radius around caster
Duration: 10 rounds
You create a protective aura that interferes with charms and other controlling spells. Anyone within psychic mist has a +2 bonus to saves against charm, sleep, fear, commands, and similar magical effects. If such an effect is already enjoined, the individual gets a second save to throw off the effects for as long as they are within the mist. Creatures that can see invisible or aetherial objects see the psychic mist as a shimmering cloud around you.

Signet of Frost
Level: Mage 1
Range: Touch
Duration: Varies
You create a small raised symbol that you can imprint on yourself or another target. The exact effect of the signet of frost depends on the target. If you retain the signet, you are immune to cold damage for 10 rounds. Placed on another creature, the signet of frost paralyzes them with cold for 1d4+1 rounds, or slows them (half movement and half attacks) if they succeed on a saving throw. Placed on a door or other operable portal, the signet lasts 24 hours and causes the portal to be stuck, or adds a -1 penalty to an Open Doors roll if the door is already stuck.

Level: 2
Range: Touch
Duration: 10 rounds
You cause yourself or another creature you touch to go almost completely unnoticed. If you take no overt action in a round, you are ignored by all creatures. If you move, creatures within melee range of you get a saving throw to notice you and act normally in that round. If you attack or cast a spell, anyone within melee range automatically notices you. If you inflict damage or otherwise affect a target, unseen ends against that creature.

Evanescent Woe
Level: 3
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour per level or until discharged.
You avoid the permanent negative effects of the next attack. Evanescent woe lasts 1 hour per caster level, or until you are subject to an effect that lasts longer than a single round, including physical damage, mental control, petrification, and so on. The round after you suffer the effect (or effects), evanescent woe negates the effect, returning you to the way you were at the beginning of the previous round. You cannot control when evanescent woe discharges or what triggers it. If the effect is ongoing, you suffer the effects again as usual.

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