Monday, May 12, 2014

Table: The Sons of Erbin, Ermid, Iaen, Erim, and Nwyvre.

There are SOOOO many names in Culhwch and Olwen alone....  I want to do the whole list in an issue of Secrets, but it might be too big.  Will have to work on it.

The infamous Sons of Kaw are hungover from the riotous affair that is the Kaw's Mother's Day celebration. Who do you recruit at Arthur's Court instead?

1. Gwittart the son of Oedd king of Ireland
2. Geraint the son of Erbin
3. Ermid the son of Erbin
4. Dyvel the son of Erbin
5. Gwynn the son of Ermid
6. Kyndrwyn the son of Ermid
7. Teregud the son of Iaen
8. Sulyen the son of Iaen
9. Bradwen the son of Iaen
10. Moren the son of Iaen
11. Siawn the son of Iaen
12. Cradawc the son of Iaen. (They were men of Caerdathal, of Arthur's kindred on his father's side.)
13. Uchtryd the son of Erim
14. Eus the son of Erim
15. Henwas Adeinawg the son of Erim (With Henwas Adeinawg, no four-footed beast could run the distance of an acre, much less could it go beyond it.)
16. Henbedestyr the son of Erim (With Henbedestyr there was not any one who could keep pace, either on horseback or on foot.)
17. Sgilti Yscawndroed the son of Erim (With Sgilti Yscawndroed, when he intended to go upon a message for his Lord, he never sought to find a path, but knowing whither he was to go, if his way lay through a wood he went along the tops of the trees. During his whole life, a blade of reed grass bent not beneath his feet, much less did one ever break, so lightly did he tread.)
18. Gwynn the son of Nwyvre
19. Fflam the son of Nwyvre
20. Roll twice

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