Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Race: Advanced Ling

An overview of the ling and the brute ling race can be found here. The first ling race can be found here.

Advanced Ling
Advanced ling stand between seven and eight feet tall, with blue-tinted skin and white eyes. Male advanced ling are entirely hairless, while female advanced ling have white hair around the sides and back of their heads. They believe themselves to be the most advanced creatures in existence, as far beyond the religious superstitions of the first ling as the first ling are beyond the struggles of the brute ling, and that all creatures exist to serve them. Their populations are rarely large, and they create magical enclaves in the mountain peaks, each home to one or two hundred advanced ling, several thousand first ling, and countless hordes of brute lings in the deepest chasms. Even in their paradises they are bored, though, and send out first ling to capture slaves for their entertainment.

Racial Abilities
Advanced ling can instantly understand and speak any language. They have a +4 bonus to their starting Intelligence attribute, but a -4 penalty to their Strength and Constitution attributes. They can use detect magic at will, and have a +4 bonus to saves versus magic.

Character Classes
Advanced ling can be Magic-Users (unlimited), Illusionists (unlimited), and Psychics or Psionicists (unlimited), if such a class is available. They do not need spellbooks or mundane spell components (valueless components, such as sheep’s wool or guano), and automatically learn a number of new spells at each class level equal to their Additional Maximum Languages number. However, advanced ling are also prone to crippling bouts of ennui that render their entire existence meaningless. To advance from 1st to 2nd level, the character must roll a 5 or higher on a d20. This repeats at each new level, and the target number increases by one at each level, maxing out at 15+ to reach 12th level. If the roll fails, the character succumbs to the belief that everything is pointless and loses a level’s worth of experience. They must then repeat the level they just completed (so an 8th level advanced ling who is about to move up to 9th level, but fails the roll, must redo 8th level). If the roll fails three times in a row, the character has reached the pinnacle of their ability and can never again earn experience.

Racial Class
Advanced ling use the Magic-User table for experience, saves, Hit Dice, and attacks, with the changes noted in the Character Classes section.

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