Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Race: Half Ling

Last of the ling sub-races. An overview of the ling race, and the brute ling PC race, can be found here. The first ling PC race is here. The advanced ling race is here.

Half Ling
Half lings are the rarest of creatures, a successful result of a union between an advanced ling and a non-ling, usually a human. They appear as a member of their non-ling parent’s race, but with a faint blue tinge to their skin, refined features, and white or silver-streaked hair.

Half lings feel an innate disdain and disgust for full ling. As children they are revered and spoiled by the ling, but they invariably seek to escape at the first opportunity. They are curious about the world and rarely settle in one place, preferring instead to keep moving and exploring. This also serves to keep them ahead of the first ling forces the advanced ling send out to retrieve their wayward children. Half ling can speak Ling and their non-ling parent’s native tongue, and live up to 150 years.

Racial Abilities
Half Ling have a +1 bonus to every attribute, and a +2 bonus to saves versus magic. They are adept linguists and can learn twice the normal number of languages.

Character Classes
Half ling can be Bards (unlimited) if such a class is available, Fighters (unlimited), Magic-Users (unlimited), Monks (unlimited), or Thieves (unlimited). They never earn bonus experience for high attribute scores.

Racial Class
Half Lings use the Fighter table for experience and the Cleric table for saves, Hit Dice, attacks, and spell progression. They choose their spells from the Magic-User list, but can only learn a number of spells of each spell level equal to the entry on the Number of Spells (By Level) chart in the cleric entry. They do not need to prepare spells; they select which known spell they want to cast as they cast it, and they do not need spellbooks or mundane spell components.

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