Sunday, February 9, 2014

Crabmen and Grippli [Race] [S&W]

Crabmen are humanoid crabs the size of ogres. They have a large pair of pincers, and a smaller set of arms below those. They are peaceful creatures that live in small communities along coastal waters. They speak their own language and many speak Common.
Crabmen cannot wield weapons or wear armor (their pincers are too crude; their arms too weak), but they can attack twice in a round with their pincers, inflicting 1d6 points of damage with each attack, and have a natural AC of 3 [16]. They also begin play with an extra Hit Die (1d6). Crabmen can swim at a speed of 9, and hold their breath for a turn without effort (a crabman, caught by surprise and dragged underwater, can still hold their breath for a turn before beginning to drown).

Crabmen can become Fighters (4th level; 5th level with Strength 17; 6th level with Strength 18). Crabmen with an Intelligence of 16 or higher can become Magic-Users (3rd level); those with a Wisdom of 16 or higher can become Druids (3rd level). A crabman with Intelligence and Wisdom scores of 18 can become a Druid/Magic-User and advance to 5th level in both classes.

Grippli are small, brightly colored bipedal tree frogs that inhabit warm swamps and marshes. They speak their own language and some speak Common or Elven.
Grippli can move across mud, swamps, fens, and marshes without penalty. They can see in the dark (darkvision) to a range of 60 feet. All grippli have the thief skill of Climbing Walls as a thief of their level +5%; they can climb as fast as they can walk (speed 12).
Grippli can become Fighters (5th level) or Thieves (7th level).

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