Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spells: Four More Updated Spells for Swords & Wizardry

These are the 2nd-level spells that I updated or created for the gondlir. In regular play, Aid, Augury, and Portent are all 2nd-level Cleric spells; Countersong does not clearly fit into an existing class spell list.

Level: 2
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 hour
The recipient gets a +1 bonus to attack rolls for the duration of the spell, and 1d8 bonus hit points, potentially increasing their hit points above normal for the duration of the spell. This spell cannot be cast on a character already in combat.

Level: 2
Range: Personal
Duration:  Special/ 3 turns
You perform a divination to reveal whether a particular action within the next 3 turns will bring weal or woe to yourself and your companions. The chance of success is 70% plus your level.

Level: 2
Range: 120 feet
Duration: Concentration
You sing, chant, or recite a poem, and by doing so negate the effects of any auditory power or spell from creatures with a HD of double your level or less. Creatures already under the effect of such a power get a second save from this spell. The effect lasts for as long as you continue.

Level: 2
Range: Touch
Duration: Special
This spell warns the caster if the target is likely to have an episode of good or bad luck, in the form of a modifer to a d20 roll.  The Referee rolls a d6 and a d12 in secret when this spell is cast: the d6 determines the modifier, and the d12 the interval. On the d6 1=-3, 2=-2, 3=-1, 4=+1, 5=+2, and 6=+3. This information is given to the caster in the form of “good” (a +2 or +3 bonus), “fair” (+1 or -1), or “poor” (-2 or -3). The d12 is the number of attack rolls and saving throws the target must make until the modifier takes effect; in other words, if the d12 result is “7”, the 7th attack roll or saving throw the target makes after portent is cast will receive the portent modifer. The Referee should count only rolls that have real consequences, such as injury, and not “play-fighting” or other attempts to control the result.

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