Thursday, February 20, 2014

Item: Sacnoth

Near unto the village of Allathurion lay the swamps of Tharagawerug the dragon-crocodile, who would eat for his meal one man a day. Through the fortitude and determination of Leothric, the heir of Allathurion, Tharagawerug was overcome and the metal of his body melted down until only the steel of his spine remained. One of Tharagawerug’s eyes honed the edge of the unyielding metal; the other, gleaming wetly sapphire, was set into the hilt of the honed blade, the blade Sacnoth.

Sacnoth is a +3 bastard sword. A sapphire steel eye gleams in the hilt, blinking and moving of its own accord. The eye grants Sacnoth’s wielder a +1 bonus to armor class and all saving throws; the wielder can choose to add an additional +1 or +2 bonus to his armor class, but takes the same amount as a penalty to his attack and damage rolls. The eye cannot be blinded, sees invisible and extra-dimensional creatures, and through all manner of darkness. It has a 25% chance of deflecting arrows before they strike, and can deflect magic missiles as well. 

Sacnoth itself is indestructible.