Monday, February 17, 2014

Status Updates and A Request.

The necali race is now the 3rd most popular post I've done this year, judging by the "pluses" it's received. It's approximately double the average ToHC race post.  I'm taking it as a referendum on new material and on "complete" vs "succinct" presentation.  I've been trying to make posts slightly less generic and more substantive, so this is incredibly encouraging. There are two final ToHC races left to go, and then I've got some slightly more obscure races lined up. This is an incentive to add a bit more material into those, and get cracking on more 100% new stuff.

The top posts at the moment, for this year, are Notes on the Norse Classes (might get surpassed by tomorrow) and The Complete Illusionist Update (not a chance).

I'll probably release some more of the Norse/Asyr material this week.  The Thor/Rymr class is basically done; the other classes are sketched in.

The Complete Illusionist is a little more complicated.  In a nutshell, it's going fine. I've been using Scrivener to organize and edit the spells, which has made things a lot easier, and I really like it.

I'm using a free/preview version of Scrivener that expires after 30 days of use, of which I have 12 days remaining. Using the program for any duration during a day burns up one day, whether it's 10 minutes or 10 hours. That's forced me to not work on the illusionist unless I'm sure I can dedicate at least two or three hours to it, which rarely happens. The license for Scrivener is only $40, but because of my current circumstances, that's extremely low on the list of things to spend cash on.

The cost/benefit/value issue has been on my mind a lot recently, and I'm looking into ways to get a little more support out of my writing. Patreon is one option, probably with a shift towards less frequent but more substantive posts (2-3 per week?) on the blog. Publishing short "filler" products is another option, but not one I'm excited about.

In the meantime, if you'd like to help me finish up the Complete Illusionist, I've repaired the Donate button in the sidebar. $40, and I'll buy the Scrivener license* and get to work**.
(Any additional funds will go to convincing my wife that this is a worthwhile thing to spend time on. At $100, including the  $40 for the license, I'll park myself in a library, put on headphones, and work for 12 hours.  At $500 (ha!) I'll write for a week.)

*I will buy the license eventually no matter what. This just means it'd be sooner.
**Not that I'll be lazing around otherwise....

I've got at least two other substantial projects under consideration, but nothing I'm comfortable talking about until I get the Illusionist finished.


  1. I've donated something to help your work, Nathan, and to see the WB version of the Illusioniost :D Keep up the work, man

    1. Thank you VERY much; you have no idea how much I appreciate this. WB version guaranteed. :)

  2. Nathan, at page 3 you say that witht the ability Pierce the Veil the Illusionist have advantage on saves against illusions but there is any value. Why? Is it to referee or is it a beta version of the rule?

    1. It's a note I forgot to correct. Advantage = +2, so the illusionist has a +2 on saves vs illusions (more specific than the magic-user's +2 vs magic).

  3. And another question :) The level advancement is the same of Magic User?

    1. Yes. The two should be roughly equal in power. I'm going to cave and put XP charts in the Complete version. Probably.