Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Monsters: Giant Chipmunks and the Ghcturu

Uvetyz (Giant Chipmunk)
The uvetyz are chipmunks the size of bears. They live in dense forests, excavating extensive burrows in which to store food and anything that catches their interest. They are primarily vegetarians, but are quick to attack if threatened. They can stuff a halfling-size or smaller creature into a cheek pouch with a successful attack roll instead of doing damage.

Uvetyv: HD 5; AC6(13); Atk 1 bite (1d8); Save 12; Special:cheek pouch; Move 12, burrow 12; Alignment: Neutral; CL/XP: 5/240

Adventure Hooks: Retrieve an item a uvetyz has stolen; take refuge in a uvetyz burrow for shelter or to find food.

The ghcturu are a race of giant ant-like insects that live in open grasslands. They have multi-faceted eyes; long, rigid wings; and an elongated abdomen ending in a stinger. They are charcoal in color and stand six feet high at the shoulder. They dig labyrinth tunnels underground and create towering mounds of soil above ground from which to survey their territory. They speak their own language of movement, scent, and sound, and one ghcturu in each colony can speak Common. Their poison paralyzes for 1d4 hours with a failed saving throw.

Ghcturu: HD 5; AC 3(16); Atk 1 bite (1d8) and 1 sting (1d4+poison); Save 12; Move 9, fly 18; Alignment: Neutral; CL/XP: 6/400

Adventure Hooks: Negotiate an agreement between humans and ghcturu, one of whom is moving into the other's territory; fight off a ghcturu attack and find out why they have suddenly begun attacking travellers.

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