Saturday, February 22, 2014

S&W Races: Mongrelmen and Ubue

Mongrelmen have no set appearance, being bizarre and hideous amalgamations of other races. They speak their own language and Common.

Mongrelmen can see in the dark (darkvision) with a range of 60 feet. They have a +1 bonus to Strength and Constitution, but a -3 penalty to Charisma at character creation (maximum 18; minimum 3). They can mimic the sounds made by any creature they have previously encountered, including special vocal powers, but not the effects thereof. A successful saving throw by suspicious creatures detects the falsehood.

Mongrelmen can be Fighters (6th level; 7th with Strength 13+) or Thieves (8th level; 9th with Dexterity 13+).

Unique mongrelmen can be created with the Mongrelmen entry in the Tome of Horrors Complete.

The ubue are a bizarre, primitive race of extreme rarity. They have three heads, three legs, and three arms. They are approximately the size of ogres, and may be an offshoot of that race, or the result of an ogre/ettin affair. They speak their own language.

Ubue characters begin play with an extra hit die (1d6) in addition to their class hit dice. They have a +1 to their starting Strength and Constitution scores, but take a -1 on Intelligence and Charisma. They can carry shields, but must wear customized armor (double price). Ubue can make three natural attacks in a round, each inflicting 1d4 points of damage if successful, but have a move of 9 due to their unusual physiology.

Ubue are really three personalities in one body, and the personalities occasionally(15%) clash in tense situations. An ubue arguing with itself takes a -2 penalty to attacks, saving throws, and Armor Class.

Ubue can be Fighters(8th level; 9th level with a Strength of 14+) or Druids (3rd level; ubue druids are known as Shamans and are of Chaotic alignment).

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