Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Magic Items: Soulguard and the Spiderblade

Soulguard is a +1 longsword with a milky white blade that emits thin trails of aetherial vapor anytime it is unsheathed. It has the power to strike incorporeal creatures as though they were solid, and a creature killed by Soulguard cannot be reanimated as an undead, although it may be raised, resurrected, or reincarnated.

Soulguard was created in Romagna several centuries ago for a noble family whose renovations on the ancestral residence had unearthed their family’s founder, now a vampire. The sword was the traditional weapon of the heir for several generations afterwards, but disappeared nearly a century ago, along with the heir and her adventuring companions. Recent rumors place Soulguard in a dragon’s horde near Skelva, and the Cuthwyne family would pay dearly for its return.

The guard of this delicate +2 rapier (treat as a shortsword) is worked to resemble a cobweb, complete with a diamond-eyed spider. The Spiderblade grants its wielder a +2 bonus to saves versus poison and the ability to cast insect plague once per day.

The exact provenance of the Spiderblade is unknown, but it is first mentioned in a number of accounts from the Hundred Kingdoms region, where it was carried by a half-elven mercenary captain. It has reappeared sporadically since then, and may currently be in the possession of an orc tribe in the Scarlet Peaks.

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