Friday, February 14, 2014

Spells: Five Updated Spells for Swords & Wizardry

I posted a revised spell list for the gondlir, including a number of updated (or new) spells that don't appear in the official S&W rulebooks. These are the first level spells. In "normal" games, command and vow are 1st-level Cleric spells; know history is a 2nd-level Cleric and Magic-User spell; precipitation is a 1st-level Druid spell; and chant of valor is a 2nd-level Cleric spell (it's really weak, but bless is 2nd-level and this is roughly the same, so...)

Chant of Valor
Level: 1
Range: 60 foot radius around you
Duration: Concentration
You sing, chant, or recite a poem, and by doing so all allies within range receive a +1 bonus to attack rolls and saving throws vs fear for as long as you continue this spell. You cannot cast another spell while chanting, but you can melee. If you take damage, you must make a saving throw to keep chanting.

Level: 1
Range: 30 feet
Duration: 1 round
The target must make a successful saving throw or obey your one-word command for one round. They must be able to understand the command.

Know History
Level: 1
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
This spell reveals the commonly known or public history of a person, item, or place. It does not reveal disguises, aliases, secrets, or private facts. The caster must touch a person or object, or be in a place to cast this spell.

Level: 1
Range: 30 foot radius burst within 60 feet.
Duration: 1 round per level
A light drizzle begins in the target area, even indoors or underground. This moisture extinguishes small, unprotected fires (such as candles) in the first round, and diminishes medium fires, like torches and campfires, by 50% (and their visibility by the same amount). Larger fires are unaffected. Ranged attacks suffer a 50% reduction in range through or in the area of precipitation.

Level: 1
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
The target swears a vow before the caster to perform a specific deed within an allotted period of time. If the deed is accomplished, the target receives a +5% experience point bonus for all experience points gained in pursuit of the deed. If the target fails, he forfeits 5% of the same experience points. Multiple vows do not stack. If a character vows to defeat the Red Wolf of Izenhold, and recover the Carnelian of Autarch Zarand, and recovers the latter from the body of the former, the xp bonus is +5%, not +10%. If the character kills the Red Wolf, and later in the adventure recovers the Carnelian, the xp bonus is still +5%, since the Carnelian vow remains in force after the Red Wolf vow is completed. A character could have competing or clashing vows.

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